Moving to Apache License v2.0

One of the most relevant changes for Monkey HTTP Server and Duda I/O projects, is the terms under which the code is being distributed. As of few days ago, both projects were distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 and after months of thinking, evaluating different options and hearing feedback from our community members, I have decided that the best choice is the Apache License v2.0

Why ?

In a few words, this change is a response to a major concern expressed by several individuals and companies evaluating our technology for different needs: GPL is not business friendly.

You may have your opinion about GPL and LGPL and how they can be merged to work in a closed source environment, but this is a blocker, I want to see Monkey and Duda become widely adopted by companies and the License should not be an issue.

Also, our technology is not just a simple HTTP Server, it's a complete infrastructure components to build scalable web services optimized to work on common Linux systems and Embedded Linux.

Open Source matters!, but I am also confident that we must be Open to work in a real-world environment where closed source software also exists.