Monkey v1.3.0 (Golden Monkey) is out!

Monkey Project team is proud to announce the availability of Monkey v1.3.0, codename Golden Monkey.

Since the last major release v1.2.0 (and their minor releases up to v1.2.2 , a few things had happened. As described in the last blog post entry our organization have finished a successful participation in the Google Summer of Code 2013 program, we started releasing special packages for the Raspberry Pi (Raspbian packages), our code base have been keep moving forward in terms of stability and better performance, we got new supporters such as Rackspace and (more details will be published later), Monkey is being used as a extreme HTTP interface for big data and more. Exciting times continue and as said, version 1.3.0 is out :) , this is a list of the most relevant changes an additions made:

  • New default home page
  • New -b program flag to print build information
  • New support for 'musl' C library (--musl-mode)
  • Mimetype: extension lookup performance improvements (~50%)
  • HTTP: Add support for OPTIONS method
  • HTTP: Do not force content type on POST request (RFC2616 7.2.1)
  • HTTP: FIX #182 DoS bug on headers parser
  • Core: red-black-tree implementation upgraded to the lastest found on Linux Kernel
  • Core: initialize clock before loading plugins
  • Core: on segfault, abort program (core dumps enabled)
  • Core: set close-on-exec on Epoll, Utils, Logger and Liana
  • Events: extra checks and do not exit if a wakeup fails
  • Configure: improved tests and new autocheck for backtrace support
  • Signal: deprecate the use of sys_siglist
  • Utils: fix timezone time generator
  • Security (Mandril): new deny_hotlink directive
  • Auth: Fix base64 decoding buffer usage
  • Auth: Reject usernames if length does not match
  • PolarSSL: validate that TransportLayer config key exists
  • FastCGI: Fix request error logs
  • QA: new tests for if-modified-since feature

You can find the official announcement here: