Monkey v1.2.0 (Expresso) is out!

After months of development the Monkey Project team is proud to announce the availability of Monkey v1.2.0, codename Expresso.

This release comes with exciting improvements in terms of speed, features and code cleanup. Even all changes are relevant the most interested ones for the users and developers will be the improved FastCGI and CGI plugins, as well the new SSL layer powered by the great PolarSSL library.

Another  feature is the native support for LINUX TCP_FASTOPEN, which is a Linux specific TCP capability to reduce one step of the TCP handshake process improving performance between the client and the server. This requires collaboration from the client side.

The Scheduler, who's the core component in charge to balance connections and coordinate the work among the workers, have been improved to achieve even a higher performance.

As usual, Monkey keeps working fast using low resources, targeting ARM and x86 (x86, x86_64) architectures it's a great deal for Linux machines/devices, and not only for HTTP static content, it's also a complete stack for web development where performance matters and top tech things such as WebSockets or SSL are mandatory.

You can find the official announcement here: