Monkey HTTP Daemon / Google Summer of Code 2012

This year have been very exciting for Monkey Project, we are implementing cool features for our next v1.0 release and today we got the most great news that we could expect:

Your Organization Application for "Monkey HTTP Daemon" in Google Summer of Code 2012 has been accepted.

Today begins a new stage for our project, after thousands of work hours and many years putting our best effort, we are finally being recognized internationally as a strong community with serious objectives and delivering a high quality product. This is a great opportunity to grow in different aspects of the project: organization, community and software improvement.

We invite to any student around the world to apply for our organization, we are committed to improve the server side of the web, we deal with embedded devices, performance, scalability, networking, and many cool stuff , innovation is one of our primary focus. Please review our project ideas site:

If you think that the web can still be improved, we are in the same page and we are looking to hear from you, meet us on #monkey or through our mailing list