Monkey 0.12.2 is out!

After a few weeks of testing, we have released a new version of Monkey which covers a couple of minor bug fixes

List of changes

  • Scheduler: Validate memory allocations, abort if required
  • API: Fix bad reference when invoking PLUGIN_TRACE macro
  • API: Deprecate unused NETIP plugin type
  • Liana_SSL Plugin: Fix compiler warnings
  • Configure: fix LDFLAGS
  • Configure: when creating Makefile install routine, do not copy content of plugins which have not been selected
  • Add a TODO file


We would like to thanks to the following people who have been involved doing code and bug fixes contributions on this release:

  • Jonathan Gonzalez (Zeus)
  • Davidlohr Bueso (Dave)
  • Strowi (please send us your name :)