Monkey 0.12.0 is out!

Monkey project team, is proud to announce the availability of Monkey HTTP Daemon 0.12.0. Our new release comes with a full set of new extended features through plugins, an improved API for developers, internal changes and minor fixes.

What is new ?

  • Support for generic Linux and Android platforms
  • Scheduler now balance incoming connections to less overhead worker
  • Virtual hosts now supports alias names
  • Palm server now support post request with more than 65KB
  • Configure script now support '--enable-plugins' and '--disable-plugins' arguments
  • Configure script now support '--platform' argument
  • API event hooks: now plugins can use event hooks for read, write, close, error and timeout socket events
  • Cheetah Plugin: Now can listen in STDIN or unix socket
  • NEW Liana SSL plugin: provides SSL encryption capabilities to the network layer of Monkey
  • NEW EXPERIMENTAL Patas Monkey plugin: converts Monkey in a HTTP proxy reverse server with balancing capabilities

Internal Changes and Fixes

  • New convention of 'client_session' and 'session_request' structs to handle requests
  • New Linux Kernel struct lists style
  • Add mk_error() for error handling
  • Close server when receive SIGTERM
  • Plugins now register using MONKEY_PLUGIN() macro


We would like to thanks to the following people who have been involved doing code and bug fixes contributions on this release:

  • Jonathan Gonzalez (Zeus)
  • Davidlohr Bueso (Dave)
  • Felipe Ortega

Join us!

We want to hear about you, our community is growing and you can be part of it!, you can met us in:

  • Mailing list:
  • IRC: #monkeyd