GSoC 2014: Students Applications

this year we received in total 23 student applications for the different Project Ideas, most of them have a good quality and others still need to improve for the next time. This is a graph that represents when students applied:

the application period was opened on March 10th and was closed on March 22th. Some students started work on their proposals before March 10, and we can see that happened because after our initial feedback by email and talk through IRC, they submitted their official applications on Google Melange between March 12th and March 14th.

The second point (a bit frustrating) is that the new peak arrived on the last day, few hours before the real deadline, and this happened to many Organizations, despite how busy a student can be, this is something to improve, everything can be managed with enough time.

Now the mentors team is working reviewing the Student proposals and final results will be published by Google on April 21th. Almost one month from now, the suggestion for our students is: stay around, continue contributing and relax, just keep up the good work :)