Google Summer of Code 2012: results

So here we are, after one month of hard work with the students, they have been notified by Google about the acceptance or rejection of their proposals, so lets expose some results:

  • We ended up with 26 students/applications
  • The mentors team have rated and filtered all of them so after our first round we have 12 still in competition, 14 are out.
  • The 12 applications were pretty good, so based on a mix of criteria we choose the "awesome" proposal/students


We would like to congratulate the following "awesome" students that were accepted, they  did a hard work during the last weeks:


For people who was not accepted this year, we want to tell that persists on this, join to Summer of Code is not easy, even for us it took 3 years. The key is to keep going and get involved as much as you can, no matters the project.. if you are really motivated... you will increase your chances.

As you know, we are an open source project, a short but open community looking forward to welcome any person interested into contribute. You can join us any time.

That's all for now, the first phase is over and now the fun begins. Happy Hacking !!!