Cheetah Shell

Monkey provides a plugin called Cheetah!. This exports a shell or command line interface to retrieve status of the server. By default the plugin is not loaded, if you want to try Cheetah! please do the following:

  1. Enable Cheetah! plugin:
    • Edit the file plugins.load which is under the monkey configuration directory
    • Uncomment the line:
      • Load /path/to/monkey/plugins/
  2. Configure the Cheetah!:
    • Cheetah can work in two modes: STDIN or SERVER.
      • STDIN:  Cheetah! will listen for incoming commands from STDIN
      • SERVER: Cheetah! will place a unix socket domain to listen for incoming commands, if monkey is running in TCP port 2001, it will create a unix socket file under /tmp/cheetah.2001.  The unix socket name will change depending of the port used by Monkey.
    • Edit the configuration file:
      • Under the configuration Monkey directory, locate the file plugins/cheetah/cheetah.conf and set the Listen directive value: STDIN or SERVER, e.g:
            # Listen :    
            # --------    
            # Cheetah! listen for input commands as any shell, this can be done     
            # using the standard keyboard input or through a unix pipe where you    
            # need to connect using the Cheetah! client.     
            # The Listen directive allows you to define which input method to use.     
            # Valid values for Listen are STDIN or SERVER.      
            Listen SERVER
  3. Connect to Cheetah!:
    • If you are using STDIN mode, you are already there :)
    • If you are using SERVER mode, type the command:  nc -U /tmp/cheetah.2001


Now you can play with the commands available, for more details type ' help' or ' \h'