Monkey v1.6.0 is out!

After several months of relevant changes, Monkey v1.6 have been released, this is a major improvement in terms of architecture and overall performance. A few »

Monkey v1.5.6 is out!

The next stable release of Monkey have seen the light and it comes with relevant fixes and performance improvements. The following is a summary of the »

Monkey v1.5.2 is out

Short news, a new fix release have arrived, the changes are the following: Signal: restore handler for SIGPIPE HTTP: on using API sendfile, check EAGAIN HTTP: »

GSoC 2014 results

finally April 21 is here and Google have released the selection process results. First of all in name of our community, thanks for trust in Monkey »

Google Summer of Code 2014

Today Google announced the organizations that will take part of Google Summer of Code 2014 (GSoC) and we are proud to say that Monkey Project have »